Apr 6, 2009

Top 5 ways a cabinet shop can save money

Top 5 ways a cabinet shop can save money

1: Have your employees work no more than 40 hr weeks.

This can be arranged in a variety of ways. Some guys like to come in earlier than others so plan a happy medium. Make sure to keep the office running normal business hours, to take potential orders. Some places have even gone to 32- 36 hours to avoid layoffs.

5 days 8 hrs,
The normal, whatever you regular shop hours are.

4 days 10 hrs.
A little less likeable, but the employees like the three day weekend.

9hrs a day 4 on Friday.
This seems the most favorable from the executive position, due to the fact you have guys in the shop all 5 business days. You are readily available if needed.

2: Plan your deliveries so you can consolidate your driving.

If your a busy shop, you're more than likely making deliveries weekly. Why not make them on Monday mornings, or any other set day, and put more than one job if space permits. Try to plan your routes, and stick with it. Plan any material pick up on the same day, sometimes it's cheaper just to go get certain things yourself. 1 round trip is always better than 2 or 3

3: Buy material in bulk.

Try ordering materials in bulk. Things like screws, hinges, locks, mdf or ply sheets, office supplies, and stuff you use regularly. You always buy the same ones, so why not buy more. We all know when you buy small you pay big. Only stuff that you find yourself ordering all the time. try buying as much from one vendor as possible, this way you save on stacked shipping costs. It all adds up at the end of each month.

4: Shop around before you just buy.

Too many times businesses get comfortable with the supplier they use. Often times they don't even ask about price. Normally they do beat the competition, but not on everything. I've seen prices rise as much as 15% over one week. This is like the gas stations that sell fuel through accounts. They are always top dollar, could've saved if you went across the street, but they don't accept that card! Don't forget to calculate shipping costs as well.

5: Save on energy costs.

In the hot summer months, keep the place buttoned up during the morning hours. The insulation will help keep it cool with some fans circulating. Once the heat builds up open two door or windows across the shop. Use a fan in one pointing out, It makes a good cross breeze that is steady, Start early so you're done by 2:00pm. During the winter keep the heat at 63-66 degrees in the shop. Sounds cool, but aren't the guys already dressed up for winter? Once you're working ( should be immediately) it's perfect, not sweating is good.

You start applying these tactics to your everyday work day. You will save thousands by the end of the year. I'm not the most perfectly green person around, But I'm on my way to be greener, and I hope you to will to find a greener way.

Frankie Talarico Jr.
Woodworking supplies

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